Monday, September 9, 2013

Home room boredom = Online Shopping

So, I'm sitting here in my home room class, and because we don't really do anything, I embrace the opportunity and do a bit of online shopping and look book browsing. I've decided that once I get enough money, I'll buy probably three shirts from I'm IN LOVE with this brand okay~ I mean:
The shirt's especially are pastel goth fashion staples. I really love the "More Issues Than Vogue" dress/shirt as well <3 

On another note, I'm experimenting with wearing fishnets, because many people see them as "slutty" or "provocative" but it really all depends on what else you're wearing with it. For example, today I'm wearing fishnets with a striped skirt and an oversized denim top used as a jacket. personally don't think my outfit is very "slutty", but I don't know, maybe other people do. Comment your opinion below?~

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hello! (Intro)

Welcome to my blog c: My name's Kaelani, and I guess the main purpose of this blog is to talk about my views/opinions on certain things, as well as share my fashion sense with others~ My style fits into two categories (mainly), being "Hipster" and "Pastel Goth". Pastel goth is a fashion style that mixes elements of goth fashion with pastel colours and cute or "Kawaii" elements. For example:
The outfit above: It's a mixture of both the creepiness of goth culture and the cuteness found in Lolita culture. (Lolita being a Japanese influenced style. I've found that most Lolita girls resemble dolls :3)

On another note, for those who are pondering the namesake of my blog:
This is the definition of induratize.( You can figure or the meaning of my URL from that.)